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I have more than one friend who met their husbands through an online dating service.

In fact, I recently read an article that estimated 80 percent of the population will have an online virtual identity by the year 2011.

About an hour into the ride, Sean overheard a passenger speaking rudely to one of the attendants and was moved to take action.

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And just in case you’re thinking that a lack of Internet savvy will prevent you from taking advantage of the latest social-networking technology, think again!

My eighty-year-old mother-in-law took action, with a little help from a younger, more computer-literate friend, and met the love of her life through They met their soulmates by taking the bold step to make adventure happen.

He set an intention to ï¬nd his perfect match, created a Treasure Map ï¬lled with images of happy couples lying in the sand and hanging out in the backyard by a ï¬repit, and chose one image in particular—that of a man with a kid on his shoulders—to put on his i Pod and cell phone where he could look at it daily.

One afternoon Sean was on a flight to Orlando to give a speech.

Noticing the spark, one of the other flight attendants said, “Sean should get an award for intervening like that, and I think his reward should be Pia’s number!

” Sean did take down Pia’s number and called her a week later.He ï¬nally decided to take a kayak trip with a bunch of strangers so he could have the experience of seeing whales up close. Sometimes the act of taking a bold step or following your heart’s desire actually leads you to the doorstep of your beloved.Well, he not only saw the whales, he ended up meeting his soulmate who just happened to be kayaking right next to him. For example, Gabrielle, a young woman I met in a marketing course I taught, had been passionate about learning Spanish since she was a teenager.But she went, and there she met the dolphin trainer with whom she fell in love. Another woman received a last-minute invitation to a party.She really didn’t feel like socializing that night, but something inside her urged her to go. More than a few were ï¬xed up on blind dates by friends, and while they had never thought of themselves as the “blind date” type, they followed through anyway, only to discover that Cupid had struck. They took action, joined an online dating ser vice, and met their beloveds.He traveled at least twice a week for work and had doubts that he’d be able to meet someone, given that he was hardly ever at home and spent only a day or two in each city.

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