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Have you ever written a shopping list for the upcoming weeks groceries and then forgot to bring it with you to the store?

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Occasionally, we see adults chaired or locked in the house.

The questions can be asked: “rights to share the national cake with those without disabilities?

Some children will require the skill broken down into many small steps to be able to be successful, others may require less steps.

You can decide how many steps will be needed for your child to learn. You can observe your child to see if they are making progress, however having a little bit of data will show you exactly how fast your child is progressing and which steps are being mastered, as well as which steps may need more learning attention.

The same is true when we have to remember significant amounts of information for an exam or a test.

For children with special needs; remembering all of the steps to a skill such as washing their hands or following a daily schedule can be a similar challenge.

If we use WHO statistics of 10-15% people with disabilities, Kenya could have between 4 to 6 million Pw Ds, whether children, youth and adults.

Yet, less than half a million has been identified and is catered for.

To take data, you would note if the child completed each step correctly (independently) or incorrectly (needed help). What You Need to Know About Task Analysis and Why You Should Use It.

Here is an example for a simple data collection sheet for getting dressed: For more resources and information about using a task analysis: The tools every district needs to design, deliver and monitor evidence-based practices in special education. Retrieved March 10, 2017, from Developing Life Skills: How to Teach A Skill. Retrieved March 10, 2017, from Printable Picture Cards. Retrieved March 10, 2017, from R., Says, C., Says, J., & Says, D.

For how long will Pw Ds be viewed “unable” and “charitable?

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