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 “We flew to Mykonos with a few of the original Tinder designers,” he said. “I don’t know, we just decided to go somewhere and not be distracted by phones and things, and we thought Mykonos would be good for inspiration.” Three months later Bumble was born.

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“I would rather not comment on that.” Badoo, founded in 2006 from Spain but launched in 2009 (almost three years before Tinder), is headquartered in London with an office in Moscow.

Today it employs 300 developers, 80 of whom are women, who run Badoo and also provide support to Huggle, Chappy and Bumble. “There’s a million different apps in the app store and it’s difficult to be successful.

“We had an issue,” Andreev began to explain, before stopping himself.

“Whatever, you will find what you find in the news.

Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev is as close to a modern-day cupid as it gets, but instead of shooting bows and arrows he’s employing geolocation tools and facial recognition software.

He has helped build five successful online dating apps, including Badoo, the largest such app in the world, with 380 million user sign-ups and counting.His developers built and manage the infrastructure for Chappy, a dating app for gay men, and Huggle, an app that matches people based on the locations they frequent – in exchange for a cut of those apps' profits.  Badoo also has a 79% stake in Bumble, America’s fastest-growing online dating app, which puts the courtship in the hands of women, since only Bumble's female users can make the first contact with a potential date.All of this is enough to earn Andreev, age 44, a spot among the world’s richest for the first time.“My dad was involved in technology, so in our Moscow flat I had a million toys around me.” He attended University of Moscow briefly before dropping out in 1992 at age 18 to move to Spain. He took out a loan from his parents to support his travels around Europe before starting Virus, an online store that sold computers and computer accessories to internet users in Russia in 1995.He sold it "for a few hundred thousand" dollars in 1997, enough to pay his parents back in full.But with Bumble, Huggle, Chappy  they don’t need to worry about money or developers. We can build the wireframes [prototypes] and design everything together.

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