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Ngong said it was a direct violation of child marriage laws by those in power: "Anything that happens that is not in the best interest of the child is a violation.

And the constitution and child laws are very clear on that."South Sudan's Constitution states that marriage requires the "free and full consent" of those intending to marry.

He emphasized that his ancestors have left their mark in İzmir and he wants to join their legacy.

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Five men, some of whom were reportedly high-ranking South Sudanese government officials, participated in the "auction," Plan International said.

But the marriage of the girl is still egregious, Ngong said, particularly as a state government official is believed to be among the bidders.

His friend who lived in Doha agreed, but said he didn’t talk to women so bluntly.

He said that while FGM was something men might talk about among themselves, most would be too embarrassed to raise it with women.

That’s how the subject of female genital mutilation, or FGM, somehow came up. S.-Sudanese friend–who is engaged to be married to a terrific woman studying to be a doctor–curled his lip at the idea of dating anyone who had been mutilated.

Because in Sudan dating often leads to marriage, he said that in the past he’d always asked about FGM on the first date. If the answer was yes, then he stopped things then and there.

In Sudan, traditional values prevail, and intimate topics are usually restricted to single-sex discussions.

But a foreign woman like myself can serve as a sort of oracle for guys here, giving them a chance to consult a woman’s point of view in a way that would seem impossible with local women.

I don't know why it has become more special than the other traditional marriages, which are done before and which are going to be done again," he said.

According to children's rights organization Plan International, the bride was "married off to the winning bidder" at a November 3 ceremony in the country's Eastern Lake Section.

KHARTOUM, Sudan (WOMENSENEWS)–For the past few years, I’ve been traveling to Sudan to either work as a journalist or as a business consultant helping develop sugar cane production or briquettes for refugees in Darfur. My friend was raised in Virginia for much of his life.

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