Swedish dating norms

Swimming, tennis, gymnastics, skiing and cycling are the favorite sports of the Sweden girls, who are equally fond of women and men.

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Some seek their own care, while others want fundamental changes in their lives.

If we take sociological review and studies as a basis, then the main reasons why Swedish women willingly become brides include the following: A number of factors make many Swedish brides think about moving to one of the European countries.

Otherwise, the woman will be uncertain, sad and indecisive. In bed, she completely surrenders to the power of her partner, her sensuality depends on him. In a love relationship, he shows egoism, concentrating more on his own feelings.

She more than anyone else needs affection and tenderness. Swedish girl is proud of her beautiful body, loves to show his partner. A Swedish wife will never bother her husband with her problems. In marriage, it rarely conflicts, prefers to resolve differences through peaceful means.

Brides are also checked and help to draw up documents for legal entry into the territory of a foreign state using the bride's visa.

Swedish women are discreet, calm and benevolent, they appreciate order and comfortable loneliness, but they love to receive guests and learn new things. In addition to work, Swedish brides have two passions - nature and sport (health care), and most Swedish citizens care about the nature of their country and lead a sporting lifestyle from childhood to old age.

First of all, the user must register on the selected site.

To do this, you must specify your name and e-mail, after which you must activate the questionnaire using a mobile phone.

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