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Before he was a dancer, going to a dance class was not something he’d usually think of doing.

Coaxed by a few girls he met at a random event, he decided to check out the club, even though large crowds and meeting random people wasn’t something that as an introvert, he was entirely comfortable doing.

A man who’s willing to get out of his comfort zone and take risks; a man who knows how to communicate, a man who isn’t possessive, who’s willing to challenge stereotypes, and who can laugh at himself…

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It’s been hard to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle of being very reserved and “touch-free,” but I’m still a Brazilian gal at heart, and having physical contact with people is how I communicate.

This means that having a partner who’s overly jealous or possessive doesn’t bode well for me.

ontrary to popular belief, swinging "lifestyle" ordinarily does not result in jealousy or marital breakups; it may succeed in solidifying marriages by reromanticizing them and thereby making them tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable.

A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners.

I can’t imagine social dancing with only one partner every time I’m out.

Because I met my husband at a swing dance club, we knew from the get-go we’d be dancing with other people.

And if he’s willing to personally shatter a stereotype that would apply to him, I know he’ll have my back when I want to break some myself (i.e.

the promiscuous and body-revealing Brazilian woman). Social swing dancing is a fun, not-too-serious endeavor.

He’s not a jealous man, and I’m not a jealous woman.

My husband’s a white guy, and according to popular stereotypes, white guys can’t dance. OK, I’ll admit that dancing by himself is still an awkward thing, but once he’s got a partner, this man can dance.

Putting himself out there in a dance class, where the consequences of messing up aren’t far-reaching, was great practice for putting himself out there in more serious ways, creating more opportunities in his professional and personal life.

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