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After meeting on an exclusive dating site, he started to “love bomb her” by sending flowers on a regular basis to her home and to her office.

He brought her to exciting concerts, wonderful trips, sent her amazing love notes via text and email on a daily basis. And for six months thought for sure she had found the man of her dreams. And hers was shattered when she found out the truth, that he was still married, contemplating divorce, and she couldn’t break away. All of this says the following statement quite clearly: both people are emotionally unavailable, which makes them a perfect match for each other.

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If you’re going to complain, you haven’t accepted the truth that being in this arrangement is going to be filled with ups and downs, much more so than any other type of relationship you might ever experience in life.

David Essel is a number one best-selling author, counsellor, master life coach, and international speaker whose mission is to positively affect 1 million people or more every day, regardless of their current circumstances.

In this agreement, I encourage all my clients to also put an ultimatum, that the person they’re dating goes into counseling once a week for the next 52 weeks. Because you want to make sure this person is exploring the reasons for their divorce, the reasons that they are still legally married, the reasons why they haven’t pulled the trigger and make the divorce final.

So in essence you have several options if you’re dating someone who is still legally married.

Another client of mine who is dating a married, but separated man, became very frustrated when he went away on family vacations with his multiple children and his still married to wife. If you’re dating a man or a woman who is still legally married, which means they are emotionally unavailable, that means that are emotionally unavailable to.

But as I explained to her, it’s just another sign that he’s not emotionally available. As a matter fact, most of the clients I work with who are or have been in a relationship with someone who is married, but legally separated, they will often say to me that one of their deal killers in love is to date a married person.

Triangles are stable when all three legs are connected.

What that means in a three-way relationship is that each day is securely connected.

According to the experts, here’s what you should do. The odds of moving forward into a healthy committed relationship with a potential even of marriage is really tiny. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just means the odds are not in your favo Ur.

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