Tips for dating younger girls american girl dating muslim guy

If you haven’t figured this out by 35 years of age, hire a fashion consultant to make up for lost time.

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Avoid the streotyrpal “dad” look with pleated, tacky pants and an unfitted button-down shirt.

Spend your hard-earned money on stylish, fitted clothing that accentuate your fit body. The goals here is to play up the established, successful gentleman who has a sense of style.

Younger men are socially more acceptable dating partners in the West; however, they lack the masculine strength that comes with years of experience dating a variety of women.

It is essential for older men to highlight these qualities that come with age.

Remember, it is natural and healthy to seek and date younger women of your choosing.

I am a living testament that of dating women 10-20 years younger in the West.

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This cultural sentiment is a by-product of the West’s assault on masculinity.

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