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Some of the fake Ukrainian dating sites don’t even bother with hiring “typing slaves”.

Pay for her in restaurants, invite her to the cinema or a theater, pay for the taxi and so on. If you are not sure about your sense of humor, better read some jokes online and tell them to her.

Yeah, such stereotypes still exist in Ukraine, but you might be lucky if you encounter an autonomous Ukrainian lady, that is also possible. Money is not actually the thing Ukrainian women need. Otherwise, she will give a preference to a much funnier guy.

Real women are clear: Get on Skype, see how the person actually looks, and if you seem to like each other, meet in real life.

Without “translators” — there is no need for a “third wheel” on a romantic date.

For example: Bot conversations can be updated and new dialogues purchased online as well.

There are authors that make money writing for chat bots.Westerners know pretty well that Ukrainian belles are remarkably adorable, but how often they get stuck when they consider approaches to dating Ukrainian girls?Are these women different from ladies from other parts of the world and do they require a special strategy in dating? Here we are going to look at 5 golden rules of dating a beautiful Ukrainian woman.If a man decides to visit, the girl in photos will be called for the date with the man, in the presence of a “translator” (the “typing slave” assigned to her profile).Anything the pretty girl doesn’t know about her “communication” with the man, the typing slave is aware of.Ukrainian females are very insecure when it comes to the attention.

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