Top intimidating songs

It is loud, fast-paced and intense, much like the boss battles themselves. Final Fantasy IX: “Zidane’s Theme” “Zidane’s Theme” from Final Fantasy IX perfectly encapsulates what makes Zidane such a memorable character.It is both a serious track and a jovial piece of music.

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Yet, the hero—Ramza—in Final Fantasy Tactics is about as normal as a JRPG hero can be.

He has no airship, gigantic sword, or mysterious backstory.

The feeling of the pounding bass mixed with more orchestral fair creates an atmosphere of sizeable dread.

It is one of the most meorable villian themes in the entire Final Fantasytitle sees the player cast into the shoes of a soon-to-be hero.

Furthermore, as the theme plays on, it leans more and more into Sephiroth’s final acknowledgement of his own vengeance filled desires. The string accompaniment brings the entire arrangement together into a hypnotic ballad that suitably cements players in the world of Final Fantasy XI.

It is a welcoming home to an unknown land—familiar yet unknowable. Final Fantasy IX: “The Dark Messenger” “The Dark Messenger” from the Trance Kuja battle in Final Fantasy IX is a piece of music that shakes with the intensity and fear of the moment, of the unknowable threat of the coming boss battle.

It starts ominously and builds to full on battle music.

It just makes you want to gather your party together and set forth into combat. Final Fantasy XIII: “The Promise” Say what you will about Final Fantasy XIII, but the title’s soundtrack is an emotionally diverse affair—from rousing tracks that call the player to action to heartfelt tracks that become instantly memorable.

“The Promise” falls into the latter category, as its overall composition skews closer to a heartfelt gesture somewhere between acceptance and sadness, and the vocal portion of the track cements it is a moving piece about the power of promises, of friendship and of love. Final Fantasy X: “To Zanarkand (Opening Theme)” Rarely has an opening theme moved me to the point of tears (videogames aren’t really known for eliciting emotion, after all), but “To Zanarkand (Opening Theme)” from Final Fantasy X is a piano heavy track that brims with a deep melancholy that really sets the player up for the emotional rollercoaster of a journey that is to follow. Final Fantasy Tactics: “Shop Music” Perusing wares—from potions to weapons—is a key aspect of any JRPG.

Yet, it is even more important in RPGs of the tactics variety, and none are as good as Final Fantasy Tactics.

While the quieter and more uplifting moments throughout “Cid’s Theme” hint at Cid’s life in full—both before the start of Final Fantasy VII and during it. Final Fantasy IV: “Boss Battle” Boss battles in JRPGs are usually white-knuckle affairs, as players go tit-for-tat with bigger and more powerful enemies, and only ever win through tenacity, cunning and a copious amount of health potions (or maybe that is just me).

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