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[/daretobare/stagspice/] So this is not a story so much as it is a byproduct of my very first ever blog post (Stag Spice Aug 13 2019). For anyone who has read any of my girl Kelly's posts, it's pretty clear she is a very confident and sexy woman and I'm an incredibly lucky guy to have her.

Some of the wonderful feedback I received indicated others might take the dare and try what they see in the pictures, which is fine because that's part of why they're there but the devil is in the details. I love seeing her in her short miniskirts and sexy blouses, many times with absolutely nothing underneath, and her previous adventure was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen any woman do. I'm an open-minded female that loves the joys of sex.

I was working late on a Friday when she came in to clean and I could tell she wasn’t expecting any company at she was wearing a skimpy top with no bra and really short shorts.

She walked in and out of my office several times ..

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Recently at my place of work, they hired a dwarf person. We had several other events happen at the restaurant, including a couple more “no fix days”.

She wore a blouse which showed off her cleavage (she has massive 34 DDs with nice big nipples that poke out without a bra) and those legging y.. My husband Frank and I have been married for three years. I was a little nervous about going boating but figured why not. Judging from the mail we got our last past revisited story was very popular with readers. A few months later we were planning a trip to Charleston, SC and I mentioned to my wife that we should stop and see Dennis and his wife who live just outside the city.

At first she was hesitant at the thought of being there with Dennis’ wife after what had gon..

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