Truelovedating trueromantic info

Apparently the same findings were discovered in rodents.

Dopamine, a chemical that is released during the initial attraction stage of the relationship is also activated when using cocaine and nicotine.

Yes, even women have small amounts of testosterone.

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It does not seem to matter what others say to a new lover—he or she is always perfect in our eyes.

This blindness is critical for us to move forward in our relationship and is usually required to move onto the “attachment stage” as scientists call it so that they can stay in love long enough to have and raise children; in other words, to populate the earth.

A protein in our bodies called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that is important for the functions of certain sympathetic and sensory nerve cells seems to thrive during the first year of being in love.

Basically our senses are heightened and our fight or flight response system is more active during young love.

I suppose falling in love would be the safer drug of choice if you had to choose between the three.

Something you may or may not know about love is that it can lead to serious infatuation.

It gives you that rush of pleasure and happiness that makes those drugs so addicting.

It also enhances the release of testosterone, which as stated above is essential for attraction.

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