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All that coordination and friction drives up costs, not to mention the potential for errors in your plan administration. Similar to the healthcare industry, many providers have legacy processes and technology that would never exist if you were designing it from scratch today.

Prior to 1981, there was little compliance and no such thing as an independent record keeper.

People who do have employer-sponsored plans—including Betterment employees—don’t have it much better.

Since Betterment launched in 2010, our mission has been to improve the way people save and invest through smarter technology.

For individual investors, Betterment offers automated investing and personalized advice based on specific goals, such as retirement, college savings, or building wealth.

No matter how low-cost the funds, typical plans do not ensure solid retirement readiness; they offer little guidance, are hard to navigate, and aren’t personalized to the employee’s circumstances and goals. With Betterment for Business, we are bringing both efficient technology and personalized, unconflicted advice to 401(k)s so that employers can provide a benefit that’s truly a benefit, and employees can know that they’re invested correctly for retirement.

Meanwhile, employers want to lower the costs, risks, and headaches of providing a plan. The era of expensive, impersonal, unguided retirement saving is over.

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For financial advisors, Betterment for Advisors provides an automated service so that advisors can increase efficiency and spend more time building relationships with their clients. adults enrolled in 401(k) plans has grown quickly, roughly half of Americans don’t work for an employer that sponsors a retirement savings plan.

Now, we’re changing how people save and invest in employer-sponsored plans with Betterment for Business, a 401(k) service that’s better for both employers and employees. The main reason: The plans are too expensive and too time-consuming for their employers to implement.

But retirement saving isn’t optional for most Americans.

And the best way to save is in a tax-deferred account.

Most people might guess that the way 401(k) fee structure works is: breaks down the service providers involved in generating plan costs.

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