Ultrasound accuracy dating conceive online dating for spiritual singles

Google is my worst nightmare..I had read that doctors have missed the "baby" when measuring not to mention an expert on here has told me that as well.

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The earliest that I saw this was possible was 10-11 weeks but some places require even further along, around 14 weeks.

The further along you are in the pregnancy, the more likely that there will be babies DNA in your blood.

I then thought I had my period on jan 22-25th (normal for me is 5-7 days)...could this just have been withdrawal bleeding or is it likely that this was actually my period? For 1-2 months after taking the morning after pill, your bleeding will be off and it will not be possible to be sure whether it was just withdrawal bleeding or a true period.

Based on the starting day of your early January period, it is more laikely that all the bleeding you had in January after the Plan B was just withdrawal bleeding from the medication. The morning after pill most likely delayed the release of the egg to later in the month.

Your low caloric intake was not enough to affect the babies growth at this stage.

Here is some more information I would like your opinion on...

Yes they can isolate fetal cells from the mothers blood. I need to attend to something else but should be back to you within 30 minutes.

Let me check on the reliability of this testing and get back to you. I have checked reliable research bases and see that this technology is well tested and accepted as accurate in the medical community.

On 2/20 they were 2895 and 2/22 4486 (not taken 48 hours apart) but still high for someone who wasn't really even 5 weeks along at that point correct?? So you will be looking for testing that uses the exact technology in the research studies.

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