Unit dating controversy

These newcomers “don’t quite always appreciate quite what the science is and what the discipline is, because it has its own quirks, its own traditions, its own methodologies.”Zalasiewicz should know.He is the chair of the Anthropocene working group, which the ICS established in 2009 to investigate whether the new epoch deserved a place in stratigraphic time.Even the hardiest geologists—celebrated professionals who thrill to spend hours in the lab carefully measuring small cylinders of dirt—blanched at the tedium of stratigraphy.

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The final bronze replica from Sutar, measuring 30 ft, was handed over to L&T.

It was scanned into electronic data, and finally converted into a data grid for the 182m design.

In 2015, the group announced that the Anthropocene was a plausible new layer and that it should likely follow the Holocene.

But the team has yet to propose a “golden spike” for the epoch: a boundary in the sedimentary rock record where the Anthropocene clearly begins.

NEW DELHI: The tallest statue in the world (of Vallabhbhai Patel) was inaugurated today (on his 143rd birth anniversary) by Prime Minister Modi.

Named Statue of Unity, it is located on the river island called Sadhu Bet near Rajpipla, Gujarat.

But if we now live in a new epoch, the Anthropocene, then the ICS will have to chop the Holocene somewhere.

It will have to choose when the Holocene ended, and it will move some amount of time out of the purview of the Holocene working group and into that of the Anthropocene working group. And right now, the Anthropocene working group seems intent on not carving too deep into the Holocene.

The data was then taken to the foundry for casting the final bronze claddings.

(Think putting together a thousand pieces of a 3D jigsaw puzzle).

This week’s announcement is not actually about the Anthropocene: The ICS subdivided the Holocene this week, and it said nothing about the Anthropocene.

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