Unona dating scam

I went to Beenverified and his name is not in there. But he used my money to send me flowers, candy, teddy bear and a I love you balloon. He uploaded a picture from FB but google image did not find [email protected]@He needs urgent attention to deposit 18 million in your account. He says that when he got there he didn't investigate that they could not use money and he had to have a James card to get money on a steam card but he can't get access to his money because the James card is being rejected yet he's telling me he loves me and he will take care of me when he gets home and he will pay all my bills.

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Please believe the people who have been scammed here. To the lady that is communicating with someone in Nigeria. This man sounds almost exactly like the one that has been scamming me for a year. He goes by the name of Gary Collins Lynn or Gary Lynn Collins or Gary Lynn.

But believe me they’ll be a box sent to you, and the shipment requires money owed for you to pick up the non-golden bars in the box.

And with all this talk there is nothing really being said except his love for me. Time to play with his mind, and no I’m not getting sucked in but it’s interesting to see where it leads, and I might scare the crap out of him and send him a photo of me in uniform 😖😖😖😲😲His email is [email protected] have been talking to this guy on Zoosk and claims he is a widow in NYC and is a petroleum engineer. That might be not his picture and I believe he is a scammer.

He contacted me on Fitbit asked me to go to hangouts .

Very good at what he does, very romantic, handsome picture, two children, from Denmark, really uses the spiritual on my life. Another engineer boss with a 2 million dollar contract ending in Sept. Yo the woman that he says that he had a son aged 8 is using my friends sons photo. Block him and please report him and expose him Met a guy on Tinder who was my age. We texted and talked on our cell phones, and his number was a local number to where I live. Had one say itunes no longer work and must have stream. Claims he's a widow and has a son in school in Amsterdam.

I Have always been very logical minded and hard working but he caught me where I was low and hurting and alone and he won. If they need money then they don't love you and they sure aren't going to be here for you even though they swear they will to help you through your difficult life and pay it all back. He professes to be a Christian and will even pray for you and your family. He gave me a story about how he was a widow with 14 year old twins. Says he was working in the UAE then came back to Los Angeles and now he needs 10,000 to access his money because the IRS froze his bank accounts.

After my first telephone conversation with the person, I had my suspicions that this person was not REAL because I was not able to verify anything about him, his name, email, phone number NOTHING. for a year and that his ex wife and son (16 years old) lives in Canada. However, I kept digging until I came across an app that allows you to locate the GPS location of a phone number/telephone call.

While the profile could not be removed, it could be hidden and I told him or whomever, how to hide the profile, which was done. It was not easy for me to find anything to verify my suspicions.

Funny thing is I wear a uniform for my work, so I’m the WRONG person to try do this too, I’m just watching and waiting to see what each day brings.

He is a disgusting loser and I pray he gets caught. Over the course of a week you told me he was an engineer, and was getting ready to do a presentation for his company that week. Sometimes speaks well other times broken English so I believe I'm speaking to more than one person. Would like to know if he is in contact with others. Please let me know Okay so I start talking to this guy on Tinder 16th of this month and he says he wants to meet the next day.

Last night he wanted me to buy apple i Tunes card and I asked him if he will send me the money. I am thinking of blocking him but still wants to see where he takes it.

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