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If you're looking to install Windows on your Mac, Boot Camp is the best way to go.Whether it's for a great gaming experience or you just want to try out Windows 10 on Apple's svelte hardware, here's how to get it all set up. Make sure you have at least 64GB of free space on your hard drive for the Windows installation.Here is an incomplete list of Linux distributions that support booting from a LAN: AIO Boot also supports many other tools like Acronis, Norton Ghost, Partition Guru, Terabyte…If you do not have computers for testing, you can test this feature through VMware Workstation.

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The advantage of network booting is that you will not need to attach boot devices to clients (except cables).

If the data transfer rate in your LAN is slower than the read/write speed of boot devices such as USB, HDD or DVD, the speed is the downside of this method.

You'll also want to perform a backup of your Mac in the (rare) case that something goes wrong.

How to back up your Mac To start, we need to grab a Windows 10 ISO file from the Microsoft website.

If you boot from USB, boot loader and operating systems will use the files on USB.

If you boot from the LAN, the boot loader and operating systems will download the necessary files from the LAN.Most Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Arch Linux are also supported.To boot from LAN, you need to have a PXE server, a DHCP server, and a server to share files. AIO Boot uses Tiny PXE Server to create PXE server and DHCP server.If you have a multi partitioned disk then you must set the partition that contains XP as the 'Active' partition.Select the system partition as the active partition in step 2 above.There is another method that you can use for many other purposes. See instructions for installing Windows from Win PE for more details.

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