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The format widely used in Europe and the US settings.You could also change the Domino log format to the one Fail2Ban understands (see settings in the files).

I have it also tested with Cent OS 6.10 which works a bit different because init.d is used instead of systemd.

Disable SELinux Before you can run the log filter, you have to disable SELinux (you could also create a profile for the service, but Domino is also not supported with SELinux enabled).

You still need to register the second manually in your Domino Directory, however the ID file does not need to be copied anymore.

Just specify the environment variable We looked at different approaches which included "Docker secrets", shared volumes and other options.

Having a way to create a cross certificate from a signature would helpful for auto registration applications ;-) A signed request could be used to cross certify the ID... We are constantly updating it with more functionality.

Beside the main functionality of providing an automated installation we have a management script that can help to build custom Domino docker images for (e.g.) including applications.

On C-API there is an error returned for a normal ID -- Wrong Password.

(Passwords are case sensitive - be sure to use correct upper and lower case.).

Example: Status for the jail: domino |- Filter | |- Currently failed: 0 | |- Total failed: 8 | `- File list: /local/notesdata/`- Actions |- Currently banned: 1 |- Total banned: 1 `- Banned IP list: On the other side it was faster to export and import the Docker image from a build machine and it shows how you could do it if you have Docker installed on a different device or on the cloud where you have to import the image. So I look forward to your feedback and requirements.

That's Thomas for the time you spend on it also for the step by step documentation and the pictures! I have no idea how many customers and partners from Russia are reading my blog.

In Lotus Script/Java there isn't a way to check in advance if a Notes. In C-API you can check before calling REGCross Certify ID () if the ID is a

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