Updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version Up to it sexual chatting no sign up

It's hard to use in the dark.(which is the way movies and concerts should be viewed.)If no light system, larger raised keypads, so as to differentiate between each would work.

updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version-79

You will also need a TOSVIDEO (Optical) cable, if you really want to get the full, surround sound, DOLBY experience from this machine; OR, a dolby equipped A/V amplifier with separate inputs for each set of speakers.

The S301 has a built-in Dolby Decoder, and can output the 5 signals separately, via RCA plugs. It also has a component video output, and standard left-right audio connectors; and S-VIDEO connector. My A/V receiver, which is a Sony model DA1000 unit does NOT have HDMI inputs!

It's also a slow loader but, so far, plays all the Blu-Ray disks Netflix has sent.

I'm still not impressed with Blu-Ray to the extent the promoters of "what's hot" seem to insist I should be, but at least the Sony hasn't been a problem.

standard DVD players, except that Blu-Ray players take longer to load disks.

A clear picture is a clear picture and I could care less about all the bells and whistles found on a Blu-Ray disk.

It plays CD's very well, and you get full Dolby processing of them. Blu-Ray is in a world, all it's own, with very limited applications available at this time.

I cannot fairly evaluate the units capability in that field without more testing.

This will work until the day the only format available is Blu-Ray of course.

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