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You can try using hdparm to flash the disks with seagate's firmware or even HP's, though usually in the case of HP/Dell/etc firmwares you need to look into removing the header or several first hexa bytes in the firmware binary in order to flash it with hdparm.

And one more time for Google spider =) You can update Seagate HDD firmware from Linux with command.

If your data is valuable to you please back it up first.

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Other vendors have contracts with Seagate that allow them to sell the hardware under different names.

This means that only Seagate can offer a comprehensive list of all named products that are affected.

For this to happen, hackers must be within range of the affected device's wireless signal. Unregulated uploading of files with dangerous type Description: The affected hard drive firmware offers a file upload possibility to the device's /media/ sda2 file system, which is normally used only for file sharing.

What can happen: attackers still have to be within range of the object's wireless network and can upload random files to it.

After long term use of the HDD, a rare condition might occur following a power cycle where the drive heads may land on areas of the disk containing data, which could potentially cause data loss or mechanical damage.

Firmware version HPG5 prevents this condition from occurring.

2014, are at risk: Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage, Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage and La Cie FUEL.

As it happens with brands as powerful as Seagate, there is more than one name on the market for each product, which in fact means that the vulnerability circle could be much wider.

I have a pair of ST32000644NS drives with very old HP firmware, the latest firmware from HP will only flash if the disks are installed on an HP proliant storage controller - I have these on my homelab Dell server so I already tried to flash it several times (also used a different workstation). Unless there is a technical reason to upgrade the firmware, upgrading for the sake of upgrading can lead to headaches.

Anyone ever been able or know if its possible to flash the official seagate firmware over the HP branded one since the HP tools are not working? Just like how you have to be selective with your patching. But don't blindly hit update without knowing why you're updating.

Here are the dangers: Malicious use of hard-coded credentials Description: The firmware of the vulnerable hard drive has Telnet services that can be reached by using factory credentials of 'root' as username and the default password.

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