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If you want to check if the environment variables are set correctly, you can open up a command prompt and type to see if those variables are working correctly.While snooping around for solutions, I have also run into people claiming that they need to add quotations marks (") around the environment variables to make them work correctly ( On windows I've tried different approaches - setting JAVA_HOME, JRE_HOME and extending the PATH to point to the desiered jre18 but nothing helped - disabling the JRE17 in the java control panel didn't helped either What helped me out was to force eclipse to use the appropriate JRE in the file e.g.

updating jvm-51

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You should also restart your computer once you've added these environment variables before checking out if they work.

In my case, even logging out and then back in didn't work : I had to completely restart.

Finding a VM and using the JNI Invocation API The Eclipse launcher is capable of loading the Java VM in the eclipse process using the Java Native Interface Invocation API.

The launcher is still capable of starting the Java VM in a separate process the same as previous version of Eclipse did.

Note: Minecraft will not be able to run with Java 9 or greater unless you remove from your JVM Arguments.

The latest versions of Java contain important enhancements to help improve performance, stability and security of the Java applications that run on your machine. You can obtain the latest Java 13 development build here.

So for new workspaces, Eclipse is going to use its currently executing JRE to populate the JRE prefs.

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