Updating podcasts in itunes

Whether this is actually any better than just dealing with it as it comes up, however, I don't know. Here's someone's VBScript to tickle i Tunes (after accumulating five unplayed podcasts) so it will download more: Lib/detail.asp?id=48 If you select the Podcasts tab and click the "Refresh" button in the lower-right corner it will update everything that's not already expired and will, effectively, reset the expiration counter.It wasn’t until recently that I became aware that this feature has been available since i Tunes 9! I figure that if I, a self-proclaimed tech-a-holic, had no idea that automatic uploading from a watched folder in i Tunes was possible, there must be other people out there who are just as clueless as I once was. Previously, when you downloaded that totally rad new album via Bit Torrent you would have to drag and drop it into i Tunes. This outdated method of updating your music library is atrocious, and every other media player in this big, wide world is capable of auto-updating.

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The episode links use a podcasts.URL instead of itunes.apple.com, which even further bolsters the i Tunes rumors.

Using i Tunes to access podcasts is an unpleasant experience currently and feels outdated, and both Guilherme Rambo at and Steve Troughton-Smith report that Apple is planning to break i Tunes up into separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps in the next version of mac OS.

So pretty much whenever there is a blue dot or whatever indicating you have unwatched/unlistened podcasts, simply select "Mark as played" and hopefully it will keep updating the podcasts by itself.

If you are still concerned, move the podcast files in another place… This way if you are too busy to watch podcasts for a while, but still would like to watch them later, you will know for sure that they are safe and i Tunes has not eaten them!

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So, from now on, you could directly add your music to this folder.

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You cannot get i Tunes to stop doing this, sadly, and I don't think you can exactly re-implement the Doug's Applescripts solution for expired playlists for Windows - it relies on manually updating each podcast rather than calling update all.

And the i Tunes COM object does not seem to expose a way to update individual podcasts, only the entire list.

The new apps would reportedly be Marzipan applications, similarly to Apple News on the Mac, and it’s possible that Books would also get an update in addition to Music, TV, and Podcasts.

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