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Table variables can be used for working with small temporary data, for passing a list of values to stored procedures or functions, for auditing, etc.

In this tip we will illustrate how table variables behave in transactions, how to pass as a parameter to a stored procedure, how to create indexes on table variables (they can be created only in the table definition) and table variable limitations.

A table variable is a variable data type which can be used to store temporary data.

It's defined using the DECLARE keyword and the table's structure is defined in the declaration as shown below: --Creating User Defined Table Type CREATE TYPE dbo.

Passing table variables as a parameter provides a flexible programming model and makes the process of passing the list of parameters to a stored procedure or a function easier and logically correct.

Now we will illustrate with a simple example how to use table variables as a parameter in stored procedures.

Test Table AS TABLE ( ID INT, Name NVARCHAR(40) ) --Declaring table variable DECLARE @Test Table AS dbo.

Test Table --Inserting data into table variable INSERT INTO @Test Table(ID, Name) VALUES(1, 'Abc') There is a common misconception that table variables are in memory objects.

Secondly, SQL Server doesn't maintain statistics for table variables, so to improve performance, it is suggested to use temporary tables instead of table variables when working with large temporary data set.

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