Utorrent tracker not updating

The more the number of seeds for a file, the faster it gets downloaded.But sometimes the file you have selected for downloading might have less number of seeds; which makes downloading very tiresome.

Simply deleting it doesn't work - it regenerates itself.

It also makes it so you can't kill the process either, even with admin privileges. What's more, I posted about this issue on the utorrent forums and the post was immediately deleted and my account was banned.

These types of trackers can be used by anybody, adding them directly to any existing torrent client, or any newly created torrent client as well.

As these types of trackers are open to all, no registration or invitation is required. To use these types of trackers, one must register or use it via private invitation links.

Private Torrent Trackers features a speeding rule which forces a user to seed back whenever any file is downloaded.

As Public Trackers are open to all, they are not secure as anyone can watch over you, while you are downloading any file.Private Torrent Trackers are secure as every user has to register first before they can access it.Adding Trackers to a torrent client in Android Devices can be tiresome; as the functionality of adding trackers is not available for the Android devices.The user uploads a message about his/her interest into the specific tracker.The tracker scans through the database and identifies similar interests, from previous users and connects to them directly.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

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