Validating data datagrid

I want to validate the data/parameters before the data gets transfered to the database. Reversing Data Grid Data Binding (Getting the Data Back Out) For reasons that are too difficult to explain here, I would like to be able to "unbind" a collection from a Data Grid.

Stated another way, I want to reverse the Data Bind( ) method, and pull a Data Grid's items back into a separate copy of the collection object the data originally came from. Find(pk)How do I do the equivalent when the data source is a data reader. Image Click Event Args e){ string textdata=""; for(int i=0;iget data from datagrid Help me please!!! Source Error: Line 117: ' get data from datagrid?

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Validating data datagrid

This is when row validation takes place and the default Error Dialog with the specified error text is invoked.

Click Yes and then hover over error icons to see error messages specified for individual columns.

Basically I want to use the Data Grid itself to persist a collection object's state, and once all the operations are done, pull it all back into the object and do what I need to do. Thanks andrea...getting data from datagrid by looping the datagrid....s.o.s.! thx in advance code behind private void Exportbtn_Click(object sender, System. I need get data from the datagrid but return this error....... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Hi all, how can i get the data from the datagrid by providing column index and row index?

It seems that this should be simple, but so far, it's eluding me pretty much completely, and I can't seem to fin...getting the underlying for a datagrid row when the data source is a data reader Hi When the data source for my datagrid is a dataset I get the corresponding Data Row for the selected Data Grid Item as follows: Dim pk as integer = grid. Hi, I have an button and when I click on it I want to get data from datagrid (dtg Device) and but it in a string. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

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With row-level validation, you validate entire data objects when a user commits changes to a row. With thanks Dave You need to inherit from datagridtextboxcolumn class and override the keypress event to handle the keystrokes.then add this new datagridtextboxcolumn to you tablestyle instead of the normal class. Text 'this line returns a null when there actually is data ... Ali Darabian I think there is some support for Delphi in . However, you will find much more support from the user community if you choose a more popular language such as VB. However, when I click on the button of the corresponding row in the Button Column of the datagrid, I want to get not only the data that is displayed in the Datagrid, but also the data that I decided NOT to display in the Datagrid. NET the net help people installed to my desktop 1-microsoft visual studio . In the datagrid I'm not showing all the columns from the Data Table, because it holds some ID's that I don't want to show in the Data Grid.Correct the entered value or discard changes to continue working with the grid control. If a value's validity depends on other values within the same row, you can enable row validation by handling the Column View. For instance, make sure that values in one column are greater than values in another column.

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