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Hi there, I tried this code for nested repeater control. Only the thing is I want radio buttons instead of bullet points. In Controlling the controls a validator validates Hello, I want to control which controls appear for a validator when they go to controltovalidate dropdown in property grid.

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is this possible, is there a way to "bubble" it up.

Thanks, G My answer to your other question regarding the Compare Validator applies here.

Creating a User Control validator that validates a control on the page, rather than inside the control.

I'm trying to create a custom user control that is nothing more than a Range Validator that validates other controls that lie on the page rather than inside the control itself...

I am using Page_Client Validate("Group Name") to validate the groups.

The problem arises when i validate multiple groups.

I have the following Repeater control which is populated by a stored procedure returning a Data Set of all the 'tickets' (see above) available for the date the user has chosen to visit the venue: 1 How to validate controls on a . NET 2.0 / C#) I've looked thorugh every post on validating web user controls (and know about Pter Blum's Professional Validation and More package) - but can't seem to get my head around whre to start.

I have a web user control, called wuc on a we page called Add Edit

If the custom control is in the same naming container AND does not implement INaming Container, you can create a property that lets the user assign the control to validate. Control To Validate property to the value of that property.-...

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