Validating text boxes in javascript

When I copied and pasted your code into a html file and ran it, my FF and IE spat out an error.If you put an alert() inside and just below your IF block I think you'll find the alert() inside the IF block will never be executed, hence your form is always submitted whether you check any boxes or not.

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I want to validate the number that was entered by comparing it to an SQL table which contains a list of valid employee numbers.

I want to ensure that the employee number entered in the text box is also contained in the SQL table.

Now i require that when submit button is clicked, each text boxes should be validated whether it is empty or not on client side.

The entered values in the text box should not disappear and number of empty text boxes should be same.

since it is returning false, the function will end and return false.

I want to validate to that a person can enter min 3 responses(Add response) and max 5 responses.In a form a text box is created dynamically by clicking on add button such that the text box is created in a new row.Now my problem is the validation of text boxes which were created dynamically such that it shows a message if any of text boxes are left empty when form is submitted by clicking submit button. EDIT Above is the script to add new textboxes in a new row.i just want to declare these functions and pass the textboxes to them as required.the following is the java script code for validating function . You have to use get Element By Id to get a handle on the box (you can use it indirectly via j Query, but let's not get pedantic), the issue is if you use get get Element By Id and pass the result to your function, or pass just the id to your function and use get Element By Id inside the function itself. You are currently viewing the BOOK: Beginning Java Script section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.

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