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"Just because a government access option exists, it doesn't mean other companies can access it."Just because we put a backdoor in a product, doesn't mean those backdoors will be abused, right guys? Of course this is the same Verizon that has mocked Internet companies for "grandstanding" when it comes to their latest encryption push.

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Most criminals will simply employ some other end-to-end encryption tool (and double check the keys), thwarting your monkey-in-the-middle.

-- Regards, Vincent • March 15, 2016 AM I'm under the assumption that users connect to Whats App servers---or maybe even proxy through them---to provide a more pleasant experience for users. In that case, government demands like these are only possible because Whats App is in control of those connections; if users switch to distributed services where they can choose their "provider", or even connect to one-another directly, then such requests for a wire-tap aren't possible---the government would have to contact individual providers or users with a warrant/subpoena, which is far less of a reach.

• March 15, 2016 AM Another good article about Wire (recently moved to Switzerland).

Skype Co-Founder’s Wire app gets end-to-end encryption • March 15, 2016 AM @Rolf: No one doubts, that it's technically possible for Whats App et al.

This is not a good idea to be forced to do or to agree with.

See message by Boxiydkdmhxkhdkhxkyx here: Requires total access to Contacts or must be force quit • March 15, 2016 AM @vwm "No one doubts"?

Of course by "end-to-end encryption," Verizon means that the new per phone service includes an embedded NSA backdoor free of charge.

Apparently, in Verizon-land, "end-to-end encryption" means something entirely different than it does in the real world: "Cellcrypt and Verizon both say that law enforcement agencies will be able to access communications that take place over Voice Cypher, so long as they're able to prove that there's a legitimate law enforcement reason for doing so.

Note that the government of Brazil has arrested a Facebook employee because Whats App is secure.

We live in scary times when our governments want us to reduce our own security. Tags: backdoors, Facebook, privacy, security engineering, surveillance Posted on March 15, 2016 at AM • 231 Comments • March 15, 2016 AM @all Simply stop using Whats App or any Closed Source variants and switch to an Open Source alternative like Signal where you have more personal control over the codes you are running.

If there is question about the integrity of the project, it can be forked and development continued under a different entity.

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