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Rhythmic breathing (or "Lamaze" breathing) can take your focus away from pain during contractions. Guided imagery helps you relax, manage stress, and ease pain by focusing your mind on an image (such as a peaceful beach or beautiful forest) or a smell, sound, taste, or texture.Download or listen online to our guided imagery for childbirth.Try them out now — you may find they also help manage some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

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MEGHAN Markle is expecting her and Prince Harry's first child in the Spring of next year, it was revealed this morning.

The announcement five months after their big day has sparked speculation that the royal tot was conceived on their mini-moon to Dublin - or even at a pal's wedding.

It will also ensure that you are comfortable using these techniques," says Lori Harrison, a Kaiser Permanente nurse practitioner from Hawaii.

Learning to relax your muscles, control your breathing, and focus your mind are skills you will need during labor and delivery.

Conversations with our Health Educators are confidential.

We ask some questions about how you identify before you start talking to a Health Educator to help better answer your questions.

Learn some simple exercises that will help you strengthen the muscles that support your growing uterus."It is common for women to feel anxious about labor and delivery.

Practicing relaxation exercises during pregnancy can help.

This data is also used to help improve our program.

It's hard to say what your labor and delivery will be like — it's different for every woman.

ahead of time and keep it with your hospital bags so it's ready when you are.

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