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The month can be formatted using sequences of 'M' characters. 2 or 12) Format(#8/2/2007#, "dd") - returns day of month as 2 digits (i.e.

02 or 12) Format(#8/2/2007#, "ddd") - returns abbreviated day of week (i.e Tue) Format(#8/2/2007#, "dddd") - returns unabbreviated day of week (i.e Tuesday) Format(# PM#, "hh:mm:ss tt") - returns as PM Format(# PM#, "hh:mm:ss") - returns as Format(# PM#, "hh:mm") - returns as Format(# PM#, "h:mm") - returns as The value of a Date variable can be adjusted either backwards or forwards using the Visual Basic Date Add() function.

The syntax for the Date Part() function is as follows: Date Part( interval, date) As Integer For example: The difference between two dates or times can be determined using the Visual Basic Date Diff() function, the syntax for which is: Date Diff( interval, Date1, Date2 ) The interval parameter specifies the unit of time to use when measuring the difference between two date and using the same values as those outlined for the Date Add() function covered previously in this chapter.

The two date values represent the dates to compared.

To do this I need a code to validate that the text is entered in the specific format: 3 Numeric Characters 1 Alphabetic Character or 1 Hyphon then 5 Numeric Characters I tried the following validations at first: 'validate that box is not empty If Text Box1.

Value = "" Then Msg Box ("Sorry, you need to provide an Amount") Text Box1.

In it there is a Text Box for typing in the part number that the user wants to extract data for.

I want to validate that the user has entered the correct format of part number before the bulk of the extractor runs.

For some reason this works with the text Start Date box but not the end date box.

(Looking below you can see the code is identical) When I enter an invalid date in the end date box, I get the error message and nothing is highlighted, I can't even see the cursor or even a control in "focus".

In this chapter we will look at the Visual Basic Date type.

In addition to providing a place to store a date, many tasks can be performed on a Date variable, such as adding or subtracting time, comparing dates and obtaining the System date and time.

Text) Then Dim my Date As Date my Date = Date Value(text Start Date. Text = Format(my Date, "yyyy/mm/dd") Else Msg Box "Invalid date format" text Start Date. Set Focus End If End Sub The thing that's kind of bugging me is that if an invalid date is enterred, the error msg displays and the value resets... I'd like to make it refocus on the current textbox that had an invalid entry... I'm still trudging along with my first user interface/form. In any case, with the date verification I have two text boxes text End Date and text Start Date.

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