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Choose the notifications flag to open the Notifications hub and then choose the notifications that you want to act on. If you choose to ignore a notification, Visual Studio stops showing it.

If you want to reset the list of ignored notifications, choose the Settings button in the Notifications hub.

But, instead of the Inner Exception, I was greeted with this dialog box: Well this is interesting.

Apparently I have made recent changes to Notice that there is no “Cancel” button there?

And if you'd like to try out our newest version, consider downloading and installing Visual Studio 2019 instead.

We've streamlined the installation and update experience to make it easier to use directly from within the IDE.Does anybody know the correct method of upgrading from Update 1 to Update 2?If you don't update visual studio 2017 via the ways above, please check if someone else use the same vs2017 with you.Eventually, when help finishes doing whatever it is doing, a help page is displayed: This is obviously not very helpful as it doesn’t tell me anything about what is wrong with my application, and I didn’t even want to be here in the first place! This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 at pm and is filed under Development, Microsoft, Rants, User Interface.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.This is also very interesting because the “several minutes” that it is talking about was really 15-20 minutes.

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