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The conclusion was that Brittan, rather than the Prime Minister, should reply to Heseltine's statement on that day.

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George Younger was then offered and accepted the office of Secretary of State for Defencewhich Heseltine had just relinquished.

Westland was first on the agenda, and Heseltine and Brittan were permitted to put their cases.

On Thursday 19 December the matter was discussed at Cabinet for ten minutes: Heseltine argued that he should be allowed to reaffirm statements he had already made but Thatcher disagreed, arguing that Cabinet collective responsibility should be observed.

Sir Robert Armstrongthe Cabinet Secretaryheld an inquiry into the leaking of Mayhew's letter and reported his findings to the Prime Minister on 21 January. I have a little dog, named Gabby, instant mobiel daten I like to ride my bicycle and swim.

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Cuckney and a Westland financial adviser were invited to attend the E A meeting.

Heseltine asked for his dissent to be minuted, and this was not done, although Cabinet Secretary Robert Armstrong claimed that this had been an error and added it himself. He was forced to return to the House a few hours later to apologise. April [ edit ] The Westland affair originated with Alan Bristow 's bid for the company in April Heseltine had won the moral high ground over the leaking saga, but Lawson recorded that he seemed obsessive at Cabinet and attracted little sympathy.

If Westland went ahead with Sikorsky its helicopters, under this new agreement, would be unable to be bought by the four governments.

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