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When using the V-Ray frame buffer, V-Ray will write render elements only if you specify either one of the V-Ray raw image file output or the Separate render channels options.

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However, for a more GUI based approach, a number of image editing applications support the EXR image file format such as After Effects and Nuke.

Adobe Photoshop has limited support, but you can use either of these 3rd party plugins to read and write EXR files with Photoshop: Yes and No.

Ensure you only have one version of Backburner installed on your system.

Backburner 2016 can fail to install if Backburner 2014 is installed on your system.

As of Deadline 10, Backburner is no longer required to be installed for command line and network rendering.

Earlier versions of Deadline still require Backburner to be installed for Deadline network rendering of 3ds Max jobs to operate correctly.

Alternatively, from Visual Studio you can choose Tools - Depending on when your *file is executed (pre Load, post Load, pre Task, post Task, mxs Job), some of the MAXScript Interface (Deadline Util) properties might return an empty string.

For example, if the Max scene file has not yet been loaded (in the case of a pre script), then Deadline should already be compatible with ALL 3ds Max renderers, but it has been explicitly tested with Scanline, i Ray, Mental Ray, Brazil, V-Ray, Corona, final Render, Redshift, Arnold and Maxwell.

Pencil Line refers to the camera’s screen geometry information for rendering.

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