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" data-url="/programmes/insidestory/2019/09/national-register-citizens-indians-indians-190901180802959.html" data-description="Almost two million people in the state of Assam became stateless after being excluded from a controversial register." data-bcmedia="6082342824001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/31/232073325b254f8a9bfee605c57d509f_18.jpg"The Listening Post" data-title="Targeted: The journalists reporting politics and crime in Albania" data-url="/programmes/listeningpost/2019/08/targeted-journalists-reporting-politics-crime-albania-190831115901063.html" data-description="In Albania, reporting on corruption and the links between politics and organised crime can have serious consequences." data-bcmedia="6081967877001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/9/1/99d0b53eede449f18c0ca36496a34339_18.jpg"Inside Story" data-title="Are Colombia's FARC rebels returning to war?

" data-url="/programmes/insidestory/2019/08/colombia-farc-rebels-returning-war-190831173910031.html" data-description="Former FARC commander issues call to arms and accuses government of betrayal." data-bcmedia="6082052475001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/31/307ecd003bf941e9bf49533088cc1348_18.jpg"In the Field" data-title="Land expropriation through the eyes of South African farmers" data-url="/programmes/talktojazeera/inthefield/2019/08/land-expropriation-eyes-south-african-farmers-190829143259189.html" data-description="We speak to South African farmers about land expropriation and hear their personal views on this divisive issue." data-bcmedia="6080236643001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2018/8/15/058bfc9d7af04d0e90df7c73136d906b_18.jpg"Counting the Cost" data-title="What is the cost of India's deadly air pollution?

The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and broadcasts for Egypt and the Arab world.

The channel offers cooking trips to different food dishes in an exciting and entertaining way with a group of professional chefs.

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101 East explores China's unconventional methods for getting its citizens fit and healthy." data-bcmedia="6069671513001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/8/a24d84c417bd42949362abae4f8b9d73_18.jpg"Asia Pacific" data-title="Hong Kong workers, students launch strike" data-url="/news/2019/09/hong-kong-workers-students-launch-strike-190902134503518.html" data-description="Thousands gather in the city centre and on a university campus as mainland China issues more warnings." data-bcmedia="6082572071001" data-videoimage="/mritems/images/2019/9/2/665003303001_6082570266001_6082572071001-th.jpg"Asia Pacific" data-title="Vietnam commemorating 50 years since Ho Chi Minh death" data-url="/news/2019/09/vietnams-ho-chi-minh-commemorating-50-years-death-190902122320416.html" data-description="Ho Chi Minh is still revered in Vietnam, seen as the man who brought independence to the country." data-bcmedia="6082552325001" data-videoimage="/mritems/images/2019/9/2/665003303001_6082551716001_6082552325001-th.jpg"Asia" data-title="India mob lynching: Vigilante victims seek justice" data-url="/news/2019/09/india-mob-lynching-vigilante-victims-seek-justice-190902114510417.html" data-description="Analyst says mob feels police will not intervene and that there will be no prosecution." data-bcmedia="6082554426001" data-videoimage="/mritems/images/2019/9/2/665003303001_6082551717001_6082554426001-th.jpg"Europe" data-title="Germany regional elections: Far-right surge in 2 states" data-url="/news/2019/09/germany-regional-elections-far-right-surge-states-190902110653919.html" data-description="Af D surges in two states but fails to unseat governing parties.

Al Kahera Wal Nas is a satellite channel owned by Tarek Nour Holdings. CBC is a satellite TV channel that started broadcasting in July 2011.

" data-url="/programmes/insidestory/2019/08/rift-tear-saudi-uae-coalition-yemen-190830190536408.html" data-description="The UAE is accused of attacking Saudi-backed Yemeni government troops to help separatists." data-bcmedia="6080519888001" data-videoimage="/mritems/Images/2019/8/30/e261205ce2d24219985a6cae8eb41393_18.jpg"Inside Story" data-title="Is a no-deal Brexit inevitable?

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