Wang lee hom dating shu qi

, Shu Qi posted on her Weibo, “If love, please love deeply. Don’t be ambiguous; it’ll hurt others and yourself.The most regretful thing in life is to let go of something that should not be let go, stubbornly holding onto something that should not be held onto.” Was it that Shu Qi is unsatisfied with Stephen’s current lax approach in their relationship?

Flying Back to Taiwan The day before, Shu Qi announced that she will take a six-month hiatus from her acting career.

At 4 PM, Shu Qi was spotted at the airport alone, pushing several luggage pieces.

Shu Qi denied the recent breakup allegations through her manager, who said, “Don’t jump to conclusions.

It is just a random (Weibo) post.” However, Shu Qi’s recent appearances spoke otherwise.

Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover.

Leehom may even intend to announce their romance by broadcasting a music video at his concert!

They were even spotted shopping for matching lovers’ rings in Japan.

Despite the rumors, Shu Qi and Leehom never acknowledged their relationship.

Last month, Shu Qi and Stephen were seen catching the same round-trip flight to Tokyo together.

Both parties denied the alleged romance, but tabloids indicated that their trip to Tokyo was in fact a way for Stephen to formally meet Shu Qi’s mother, and to also ask for her hand in marriage.

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