What does validating a web page mean

Free alternatives also include Notepad for Windows and Text Wrangler for Mac.All HTML documents have a required structure that includes the following declaration and elements: , informs web browsers which version of HTML is being used and is placed at the very beginning of the HTML document.These terms include designates exactly which element or elements within our HTML to target and apply styles (such as color, size, and position) to.

The No matter how careful we are when writing our code, we will inevitably make mistakes.

Thankfully, when writing HTML and CSS we have validators to check our work.

Sadly this does not include Microsoft Word or Pages, as those are rich text editors.

Two of the more popular plain text editors for writing HTML and CSS are Dreamweaver and Sublime Text.

Over time you will become more and more familiar with all of them, but the three common HTML terms you should begin with are attribute, which provides a hyperlink reference to a linked resource.

Attributes are defined within the opening tag, after an element’s name. The format for these attributes consists of the attribute name followed by an equals sign and then a quoted attribute value.

If you can, imagine a time before the invention of the Internet.

Websites didn’t exist, and books, printed on paper and tightly bound, were your primary source of information.

With this understanding of the difference between HTML and CSS, let’s dive into HTML in more detail.

While getting started with HTML, you will likely encounter new—and often strange—terms.

Because we’ll be using the latest version of HTML, our document type declaration is simply element is not displayed on the web page itself.

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