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The accountability of involving your family (particularly if you have godly parents) encourages honor, purity and honesty.

It also gives each party in the relationship a better view of their partner; our family accounts for much about our personalities and priorities.

On the other hand, if you have parents who are involved in your life, but also give you the freedom to meet and date Christian guys, you’ll want to maintain that trust.

This was the case in my own relationships (both before I met my husband and after).

” It’s imperative to know that the relationship is meant to last before you take the plunge into having them meet your parents.

Embarrassing stories from your childhood are sure to ensue.

As with everything you do, seek to honor God first.

Ask for wisdom to navigate your current relationship.So first of all, congratulations on not being single. Relationships are really hard without having to put parents into the mix, but they’ll have to meet eventually, right? Thinking about these several conditions will help you determine when the right time will be.So, the real question is WHEN should your SO and parents meet? Your one-night Tinder fling is definitely not bring-home-to-meet-your-dad material.Whatever your family history, your boyfriend should respect your family and honor your relationship with them. Meeting the parents takes a relationship to a deeper level.It forces a guy to acknowledge that there are other people who love and value you—people who will hold him accountable if he disrespects you.So how do you know if your boyfriend should meet your parents?

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