White girl dating muslim guy no matches after speed dating

I know that took courage to risk your heart that way!

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True, it is ultimately my decision and I ultimately choose to commit a sin.

Long story short, she left him for fear of her life, because he made violent threats to her when she would not agree to have an abortion.

The reason I've put Pakistani Muslims because I believe no one really understands the backward nature of Pakistani culture unless you're in it Sorry in advance about the bad spelling/grammar, I'm not the best at writing.

So I'm 25 years old, have a reputable well paid job, live on my own and I have a white boyfriend.

To them to marry a BRITISH Pakistani is like - whoa ( if you want a decent a guy you'd marry from back home where you can be truly sure of the persons character). My boyfriend - now I know you're going to be skeptical the following because you think I'm in love so can't see any bad, believe me I can but this guy, is 1 in a million. I know I'm very lucky to have found someone like him, and the thought of letting him go is unbearable.

I love my family I really do, and my parents are kind people but its been ingrained in them that family honour within the community is extremely important.

Original post by Anonymous Don't even go there - save yourself the heart break. My religion never stopped me from meeting new people or pretty girls from any race.

University of Cambridge Replies: So yes, in a way I am implying that anyone who is a Muslim has a life-long goal of spreading islam.

If he just seems interested in sex then you have your answer.

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