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There was also talk that Munn was affecting his performance on the field.The couple was last seen together on Valentines Day this year.

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The non-celebrity may be an anomaly in the world of star players and their celeb girlfriends, but their relationship was said to be quite a serious one.

Newton and Rodgers were childhood friends, and her sister was on The Bachelor Season 15, much like Rodgers’ brother, Jordan who won The Bachelorette.

There was speculation that they were dating, but there was no confirmation on the matter.

Rodgers was later romantically linked to Scott, the lead singer of Lady Antebellum. Gossip Girl actress, Jessica Szohr had broken up with her co-star, Ed Westwick and was reportedly dating Rodgers in 2011.

The sighting also led to rumors that they had been dating while he was still with Munn.

However, a rep for Rodgers refuted the overblown claims, “This needs to be clarified,” said the source.

Jordan Rodgers, on The Bachelorette, aired the family’s dirty laundry saying that Aaron hadn’t spoken to the family in years.

Some reports claimed that Munn was the cause of the rift between Aaron and the rest of the Rodgers.

It’s not confirmed whether the Green Bay quarterback has dated Henderson or Scott.

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