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Trunk Space: You’ve worked on a number of Hallmark Channel films over the years.

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(Laughter) But no, you can get into it really easily. Trunk Space: Was this your first time producing a feature? I produced a documentary about seven years ago called “Stolen Seas” and it was based on pirates in Somalia, but this is my first feature that I’ve ever produced.

Trunk Space: One of the things that people always seem to be drawn to, at least for those of a particular personality type, is the problem solving aspect of producing. We have a cold-pressed juice business and we’ve had it for about five years now, so I’ve always enjoyed bringing people together in collaboration.

When her high school boyfriend, a superstar baseball player, returns to town, a single-parent Stars Arielle Kebbel, Andrew W. When Arielle Kebbel arrived at the Westin Bear Mountain for a wedding Kebbel , who played Courtney, a high-maintenance contestant on the dating Complications arise when Luke (Andrew Walker), a dreamy architect.

Some fans may not know that I auditioned for the role of Mountie Jack and the choice was down to Daniel Lissing and me.

With the changing of the seasons upon us and the turning back of the clocks just around the corner, Hallmark Channel has kicked off its Fall Harvest programming event, featuring a number of movies meant to up our autumn intake.

Premiering this Saturday at 9 pm ET/PT is the romantic comedy “Love Struck Café” starring Sarah Jane Morris and Andrew W. We recently sat down with Walker to discuss the importance of on-screen chemistry, how the fall season plays into the film’s storyline, and why watching Hallmark Channel reminds him of gathering around the television with his family when he was younger.

The couple is one of the loving and caring husbands and wives and wives.

Walker is successfully maintaining his profession as well as family.

Andrew Walker is a Canadian actor as well as a film producer better known for his role as Bruce in his debut movie Laserhawk. Moreover, Walker further adds money from his producing career. Looking at his hard work, Walker's net worth and income are sure to be increased in the upcoming days.

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