Who is andy dating in tears of a tiger

Andy was hopeful because he thought he wasnt going to die, until the druken man came and then he realized that he was going to die (if that makes any sense to you) He was also very proud of being a Royal (the gang) and finally when he layed on the sidewalk did he take off his jacket and become the Andy he was all along.

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While staying home to watch his 6-year-old brother, Monty, Andy had a nightmare about Rob blaming him for his death. In the chapter "Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs", Monty asks Andy if tigers cry. The only person who really understood Andy was his girlfriend, Keisha Montgomery, who’d been helping Andy through his mental recovery following Rob's death.

Keisha notices little by little that Andy's depression is a lot worse than he's leading on, but decides not to tell anyone.

It was first published by Atheneum in 1994, and later on February 1, 1996 by Simon Pulse, and is the first book of the Hazelwood High Trilogy.

It depicts the story of a seventeen-year-old African American boy named Andrew "Andy" Jackson, who feels deeply guilty for inadvertently causing his best friend Robert "Rob" Washington's death through drunk driving.

She comforts him when he cries and gives him distance when he needs it.

However, she soon realizes that she longs for a normal teenage life and that she cannot provide Andy with the hope or answers that he seeks.

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In The Book Tears Of A Tiger Andy Dies Because He Had Been Going Thorough So Much Stuff In The Book Like With His Best-friend When He Died And He Thinks Its All His Fault And When Keisha Breaks Up With Him Because She Couldn't Take Andy Stuff Any More So He Kills His Self At the beginning of the story, Andy accidentally killed his best friend, Robbie, in a car accident.

The story is told through multiple different formats such as journal entries, first person narratives, and newspaper articles.

Seventeen year old Andy Jackson just won a basketball game at Hazelwood High School, and he and his friends Robbie Washington, Tyrone Mills, and B. Carson decide to ride home in Andy's Jeep until Andy, Rob and Tyrone decide that they were going to celebrate by drinking while Andy was behind the wheel. After getting out of the hospital, Andy went to court and got his license and car taken away.

When his emotions become too much for her to handle, she breaks up with him, with the last thing she ever says about him to her friend Rhonda is “No, I hope I never see him again.” On the same day, Andy skips school and stays home and decides to use his dad's hunting rifle to commit suicide in order to get rid of all the pain and guilt.

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