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Beck's seeming enjoyment of Jade's jealously could be a bit deeper than that, Jade is hardly the most open or emotive person, even when there alone together, she still acts at least somewhat reserved.

So its probable that her being jealous is the only sign Beck gets she is still interested in him, in which case its no wonder he enjoys it when she's jealous.

Jade and Cat seem to be friends probably from way back so that connects Robbie and Beck by proxy. In the pilot, Andre is supposed to be working with Trina for a performance.

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I understand why Beck and Jade and Robbie and Cat hang out but how Andre joined the group hasn't been explained yet.

It seems more apparent that Beck and Andre are friends.

In short, Andre is close to Tori and is also the reason she attended HA she wasn't going to take the offer until he asked the audience for their opinion of her.

While that connects Tori and Andre, there's still no real connection between Andre and anybody else in the group.

When is Jade going to figure out that Tori has absolutely no intention of stealing Beck from her?

It's been several episodes now since Tori helped Jade get back together with Beck which is often taken by fans as the number one sign that Tori isn't out to steal Beck from Jadebut Jade still seems to be suspicious of Tori's every move.

A simple explanation is that Jade is easily pissed off and can occasionally become violent or otherwise vindictive towards people who she feels have wronged her, so no one wants to be the one to tell her she can't hang out with them. Jade have to befriend Robbie in order not to hurt Cat's fragile feelings, as well as forced to respect him for Rex is more a Deadpan Snarker then herself.

Later in the show Tori became friend of Cat, Robbie and Beck, tying this group more tight together and replaced Jade as the hub of the group, hence the group did not fall apart when Beck and Jade broke up.

There's this thing where sometimes, people hold grudges.

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