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It is from his twitter and since I do not do twitter I do not know if it will work or not.Same here R67 but it does have Katie Holmes in it, sadly.

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I think Cherry Jones should play President Coin in the other two "Hunger Games" movies.

It would go without saying that she could play that character with no troubles at all and it would give her greater leverage in her career.

I've enjoyed every play I have ever been fortunate enough to see her in.

If I can pull it off I am going to see her at ART because I can only imagine what she will do in "The Glass Menagerie."Why hasn't she done more overall work? Cherry works pretty consistently; she describes herself as a "farm animal" - trained to do one thing and just keep going.

Cherry Jones always does nice things for that small town she is from but only ever publicizes it locally.[quote]Paris, Tenn.-Thanks to the Relay for Life auction Friday night, a local woman will have the opportunity for a private coffee with Tony and Emmy-Award winning actress Cherry Jones.[quote]Marsha Milliken was the high bidder for the one-on-one with Jones, whose home is in Paris.

Jones also said she would record a cell phone message for Milliken, if she wanted. Jennifer Ehle, Cherry Jones, John Slattery, and Dan Stevens are going to do the New Yorker Festival and are to discuss the art of period acting.

I have a feeling Paulson is really trying to be a lot more hollywood with her recent move out to Cali.for her to sleep with some director guy who can take her places. I love Cherry Jones as an actress as well as a Bible Belt Gay very much.

I saw Sarah Paulson in a "Law & Order: SVU" repeat last weekend on CLOO. Her lips were all swollen form too much filler or whatever is put into lips which make they look bigger. Who leaves the house like that, thinking they look good? It is very hard to be a Bible Belt Gay because, when you are growing up, you are literally surrounded by churches which preach against Homosexuality.

I was raised over in Tennessee, not all that very far from where Chery Jones is from, actually.

I read this darling little local news article about her and just have to share it.

She acted in Tennessee Williams' play, "The Night of the Iguana", at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with William Petersen in the cast.

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