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Most of her fans are seeking to know that is she dating a handsome or just enjoying her single life? The You Tube star, Bethany Mota has never kept her life secret, especially from her fans.Reportedly, Mota is dating an American dancer and You Tube personality, Dominic Sandoval who is best know as D-Trix since 2016.At school, she was bullied so she left and homeschool.

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As a kid, she loves watching animated television shows and movies such as Rugrats and Arthur.

In her growing age, Bethany’s favorite color was pink, turquoise, and mint green which now has been replaced by gold, white.

He and his dance group Quest Crew were invited to perform with LMFAO and others after winning America's Best Dance Crew.

He was born to Filipino-American parents and adopted by his step-father Conrad Pete Sandoval. On SYTYCD he was primarily known for dropping his dance partner and for flirting with the judge Cat Deeley.

Fans always want to know the body measures of their favorite figures.

On You Tube, you find many Question and Answer videos and that’s why we’re here to put an end to your regular emails and Google search.

The same year, she appeared as a judge in the TV show ‘Project Runway.’ In 2018, Mota in an American series ‘Celebrity Undercover Boss.’ As a kid, she was timid and didn’t like to meet new people and choose to be silent.

The internet sensation, Bethany Mota earns a handsome amount of money from her videos that she posts on her channel.

Bethany Mota is a You Tuber, singer and Fashion designer.

She created her own You Tube Channel ‘Bethany Mota‘ in 2009 which has more than 10 million views and 990 views to the date.

She shared photos of them on her Instagram with a caption.

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