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So in the fall of ’76, Melchionni began fielding those phone calls.

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“Roy felt that being in the NBA was more important than one player, and [coach] Kevin Loughery and I tried to persuade him otherwise,” Melchionni said Friday morning by phone from his winter home in Naples, Fla.

“But he was under the impression he could get another player, but he didn’t realize the magnitude of losing somebody like Julius.” Understand: At the time, the NBA was not the global, billion-dollar behemoth that it is now, and the ABA was even more rag-tag, though its talent pool was nearly as deep.

There were two kinds of calls, both born of the same problem: Roy Boe, the Nets’ owner, was moving the franchise to the NBA, and he needed money to pay a territorial fee to the New York Knicks. Three ABA championships, three scoring titles, four MVP awards with the Virginia Squires and the Nets, the perfect Afro, the nickname “Dr.

J.,” soaring slam dunks that had to be seen to be believed: Erving was as much myth as man.

About GTTGTT provides multinationals with a better way to reach the cloud through its suite of cloud networking services, including optical transport, wide area networking, internet, managed services, voice and video services.

The company’s Tier 1 IP network, ranked in the top five worldwide, connects clients to any location in the world and any application in the cloud.Driving to the baseline halfway through the 4th quarter, he raised the ball high with one hand, teasing the Lakers defense before bringing it back under the hoop and scooping it off the glass. J and the Sixers didn’t go on to win the series, his move in the All- Star’s brought the fabled flair and flash of Harlem basketball to the NBA.There is a temptation, a natural one, to suggest that the core of the story that shook Philadelphia on Thursday — Bryce Harper’s decision to sign with the Phillies — is without precedent in the city’s sports history.(Ten of the 24 players selected for the 1976 All-Star Game, the first after the leagues merged, had been in the ABA the previous season.) The ABA had no national-television contract.If the league was lucky, a single playoff game — one that happened to fall on, say, a Sunday afternoon — might be telecast on one of the country’s three networks: ABC, CBS, NBC. J’s mastery of the physical world was virtually unknown, except to those from the courts of Harlem.

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