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It’s no surprise Lydia is one of YG’s most coveted producers.

Her vocal range is astonishing, and the amount of soul she injects into a song that, make no mistake, is as sugary sweet as any other pop phenomenon to come out of Korea is so incredibly unreal it has to be praised.

– Crush’s ideal type: Scarlett Johansson, Red Velvet’s Irene.

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The song was reasonably successful on its own, but when artists like Eric Nam, Akdong Musician, BTS and labelmate Tablo of the legendary Epik High offered their unique interpretations, it took off to the point that Western artists like Michael Bublé started giving their take on the ballad.

In that same vein, “TT” impacted Korean music in such a way that artists and dancers from various genres were enchanted enough to give the track a go in both song and choreography.

– He arranged and featured in Gary’s music video, “Shower Later.” – He would like to try a jazz concept.

You are my joy, I feel like I’ve become a little child I try to not think about you but I can’t last more than 10 minutes Between you and I is like between calmness and passion I don’t care how, if I could keep you right beside me Your face is like a statue, so beautiful When I see you, I freeze like having a frostbite, my superstar You’re like a butterfly, giving off a butterfly effect in a field of flowers Your small smile brings up a storm in my heart Run away, fly away, get to know me a bit more at this chance They say men are either like a child or a dog, other guys get pulled away like a whip I’ll give you a love that you haven’t felt till now I’ll be ya James Bond, till the end You got me losing my mind The way you got me fired up Never give up boy even when they try us You and me against the world With you I ride or die tonight You have my heart like the beat The way you got me turned up Never give up boy even when they try us You and me against the world With you I ride or die tonight If I’m a boring realist, you’re a dreamer I’ll chase you wherever you go, even if it’s in a dream I want to build a picturesque house on top of the green field Place a diamond the size of your thumb on your fourth finger I’ll give you the world, just be its master My calendar is covered in red, why?

KRNFX and Lydia Paek’s cover was truly a revelation.

Get lyrics of Eyes nose lips englisgh version by... List contains Eyes nose lips englisgh version by... 눈,코,입'(EYES, NOSE, LIPS) 4: Eyes, Nose, Lips (English Version: Lydia Paek Albums.

The Lyrics for Eyes, Nose, Lips (English Version) by Tablo & Tae Yang have been translated into 8 languages you left me paralyzed, no cure, no rehab for me funny that you got the nerve to keep asking me how i've been you're the victor in this pageantry but the only trophy you deserve, catastrophe i ... That's impossible Features All Lydia Paek Song Lyrics and Lydia Paek Discography, as well as Band Biography and User Reviews.

I’m drunk with your eyes, nose, lips, body Your breath that whispers ...

At the heart of SM Performance style is the emphasis on music that makes a good performance, combining a wide range of different styles into one song to create something that can lie as the backdrop to a great dance routine.

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