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And if anyone can get their hands on an old pic of Angelina and Billy Bob playing a round of paddle tennis, we’re sure you could make a pretty penny.[Related: The Biggest Celeb Real Estate Listings of 2012]Buyer: Miranda Cosgrove House: 3,000-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills Purchase Price: .65 million Remember your cramped freshman dorm room with its tiny twin bed, drab décor, and lack of appliances?

Well, lucky for 19-year-old Miranda Cosgrove, she’ll never have to experience those kind of living conditions!

According to Trulia Luxe Living, Grammer wanted the home to be a home base for his wife and child when they relocated from New York City, but once Grammer’s show “Boss” got the ax, the family moved into another Beverly Hills home he owns (get this) with ex-wife Camille Grammer to save money. Camille, of course, is none too happy about the move and, back in November, asked a judge to bar her ex from the home, according to TMZ.

Kelsey, meanwhile, claimed it didn’t make sense for him to carry two mortgages in the same area due to the fact he was suddenly out of a job. See the listing for the Grammer house Seller: Kara Dioguardi House: 7,600-square-foot Studio City French Chateau Sale Price: $6.3 million If you’ve been wondering what former “American Idol” judge Kara Dioguardi has been up to since she left the show in 2010, well, she’s probably been hanging out at home enjoying her amazing mansion … The 42-year-old sold her 5-bedroom, 6.5-bath French Chateau, located in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley for $6.3 million.

He calls Spencer and Carly in i Still Psycho to make sure they are okay after being kidnapped by Nora Dershlit (he saw it on the news).

The plot in i Meet The First Lady revolves around Sam and Freddie trying to help Carly stay in touch with her father on his birthday because he is not able to make it home as planned.

The new owner has a luxurious lifestyle ahead, which will include swims in the 50-foot long infinity pool evenings in front of the 23-foot tall stone fireplace, and gourmet dinners cooked up in the chef’s kitchen covered in Calcutta Gold marble. Bill came to Moscow Mitch's desk requiring stronger background checks this past April -- and Moscow Mitch refused to sign it -- and 5 mos later -- it is still sitting on his desk gathering dust !

That is Trump closely working with Congress to enact laws to prevent mass shootings.

This is assumed because Spencer mentions to Carly in i Won't Cancel The Show, that she probably shouldn't give away their father's current position. He is also known to have an attitude towards Spencer when he is talking on the phone (such as when Spencer was talking to him about Oystomato and he said he didn't care).

Dan Schneider, the producer of i Carly, cleared up the confusion about if he was in the Navy, or in the Air Force; he was in the Air Force on a Navy Submarine (This makes sense, as the U. Navy does not have Colonels, since the equivalent Officer rank in the U. Spencer still hadn't told him that he dropped out of law school, according to i Space Out and i Meet The First Lady.

A 14-year-old is a minor and is under the control and authority of their parents.

That means your parents have the right to decide where you live.

Really think it will be any different this time -- esp.

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