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We're great buddies and can work really well together, and I'm sure that Gunnar will be there when the news comes out that Will's gay.

I'm sure he'll be banging on Gunnar's door once again!

I guess superbands within the show are always going to excite people, when characters start duetting together, when new characters start doing big numbers together.

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Gunnar might not deal with fame all that well - in fact, he might splurge his cash. It feels like he's always been striving towards being a performer in his own right and I think he's played a bit of the underdog from the beginning and a little bit of the everyman, which I like.

I feel people can relate to the struggling artist a little more sometimes than the big million-dollar country stars.

It might be a little awkward, a trio with Zoey and Scarlett, but I wouldn't put it past 3. "Chaley Rose is lovely, a great actress, really fun to be around and I think that showed on screen and in the characters' relationship. "I hope that's not dead - I hope that gets rekindled this year.

In real life, if you really enjoy somebody's company and you have a great time with them and then you're supposed to becoming two lovers who are having a great time in their own fictional world, I think it bleeds into reality and vice versa. She's got a cracking voice and the little trio they ended up piecing together in the middle of the season was fantastic, and again was something the fans loved - the ZAG fans; Zoey, Avery and Gunnar." 4. I think storyline-wise, Zoey is potentially going off on tour with Juliette, so who knows if that storyline will stay or if that deviates back to staying in town and singing.

Now, you may have been scratching your head while watching the scenes with Edward, aka the goddamn Prince of Belgravia, aka Sam Palladio. Thank you Hamburg for making me feel so welcome and thank you to @biffy_clyro for having me under your tree!

Featuring Vanessa Hudgens playing two characters (yes, it is the best thing since Lindsay Lohan convinced 10-year-old me she was both Hallie AND Annie in Vanessa plays baker Stacey de Novo and super posh duchess Lady Margaret, who - spoiler if you haven't seen it so stop reading now - end up falling for each other's partners.

But it's nice because they've got a total bromance and they're really, really best friends.

They have their ups and downs - Will's a little fiery and Gunnar says the wrong thing sometimes and sparks him off - but I think at the heart of it, really Gunnar's the only person that Will has trusted with this information and with his true feelings. There was an abrupt start to Gunnar understanding Will's story!

More significantly, she earned a recording deal with the from Cassadee.

In it, she reflected the time with her once-husband prospect Rian.

I think he's had his example set by Scarlett's ups and downs of being in the spotlight for a minute so maybe he'll learn from that.

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