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Tonight, both Rihanna and Drake are up for 9 Grammy Awards each.

We’ll have to see how many of those nominations turn into wins.

But what we didn’t expect was for her advice to turn into a confession of love!

She posted a series of tweets on March 14, including one that said “i am so happy and so in love and life is good and there are so many colors []” Lo and behold, Cameron answered with a simple “both.” That was all the confirmation fans needed to confirm that she was dating Doherty, and has finally found true love. It’s not the first time she has directly responded to fans about her love life! Not only does Doherty have the looks of a Scottish hunk, but he’s also amazingly talented just like his lucky lady.

Besides being well-versed in dance-styles like modern, tap, and jazz, Thomas Doherty has got some diverse athletic skills that include track and field, boxing, soccer, tennis, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics.

He played minor roles in Bunch of Mad Stuff, The Lodge, and The First Time, and dabbled in theater, commercials, and music videos.

hown Seeing this very public proclamation of love, fans believed that the couple might be in it for the long haul.

Just a few months later, however, Drake and Jennifer Lopez were photographed being affectionate with each other in public.

The couple unexpectedly ended things only six months after getting engaged.

In response to a comment on an Instagram post by a fan, she said that Mc Cartan was “terrible” to her.

Apparently, Cameron even plans to move to New York to shorten the plane ride to visit her boyfriend.

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