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Two pdf files are in the markers directory containing tags 0-8 and 9-17, respectively.

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These rooms are available for booking through August 9th. *** NOTICE ***: The issues with Eigen on 32 bit systems that some people experienced have been fixed in the Groovy release and forward.

Alvar is significantly newer and more advanced than the ARToolkit, which has been the basis for several other ROS AR tag packages.

Welcome to Platina, the EXA_PICO Universe wiki that even a Funbun would be able to edit!

Platina is a comprehensive encyclopedia that encompasses everything about the Ar tonelico and Surge Concerto series, their various related media, their characters, and everything about their engrossing and expansive worlds: Ar Ciel and Ra Ciela.

An example XML file showing this for a tagged table leg can be found in the ./bundles directory.

find Marker Bundles assumes that a kinect being used as the camera, so that depth data can be integrated for better pose estimates.

If you are not using a kinect or do not desire to use depth data improvements, use find Marker Bundles No Kinect instead.

Rather than having to measure tag placements and construct an XML file by hand for each bundle, Alvar has a feature that allows this to be done automatically from multiple images in which 2 or more tags are visible.

To create a bundle, first choose which tag you want to be the master tag. Then, after placing the rest of the tags, measure the x, y, and z coordinate for each of the 4 corners of all of the tags, relative to the master tag origin.

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